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List of Current Bids/Proposals

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Online Bids/Proposals

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Offline Bids/Proposals

The following is a list of MD Anderson's current Offline Bids/Proposals.
Request for Qualification - MD Anderson - West Houston CMR
RFQ No. 5291015/ME
(RFQ Posted: 08/14/15 at 06:00 PM CDT) - (RFQ Closing: 09/08/15 at 02:00 PM CDT)
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Request for Qualification
AA RFQ.pdf Posted 08/14/2015
Addendum 1 Sign In Sheets, Power Point.pdf Posted 08/20/2015
Addendum 2 RFI Questions and Answers.pdf Posted 08/28/2015
Attachment A Draft Agreement and Exhibits.pdf Posted 08/14/2015
Attachment B HUB Policy Rider 104-C.pdf Posted 08/14/2015
Attachment C RFI Form.pdf Posted 08/14/2015
Attachment D Conference and HUB Information Sheets rev.pdf Posted 08/20/2015
Request for Proposal - Alkek Interstitial Floor Fire Sprinkler Additions
RFP No. 130268/ME
(RFP Posted: 08/11/15 at 02:00 PM CDT) - (RFP Closing: 09/08/15 at 02:00 PM CDT)
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Request for Proposal
AA RFP.pdf Posted 08/11/2015
Addendum 1 Site Tour Info Sheet, Sign In and HUB Tip Sheet.pdf Posted 08/17/2015
Addendum 2 RFI Questions and Answers.pdf Posted 08/26/2015
Attachment A Draft Agreement and Bonds.pdf Posted 08/11/2015
Attachment B HUB Policy.pdf Posted 08/11/2015
Attachment C RFI Form.pdf Posted 08/11/2015
Attachment D Pricing and Delivery Proposal.pdf Posted 08/11/2015
Attachment E 2013 Uniform General Conditions.pdf Posted 08/11/2015
Attachment F Site Photos.pdf Posted 08/11/2015
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